Cancellation & Refund Policy

Effective date: 18 Jan,2023

This Cancellation & Refund Policy ("Policy") is a legally binding document and forms an integral part of the customer agreement between Aliste Technologies Pvt Ltd ("Aliste") and its customers ("Customers"). This Policy outlines the terms and conditions associated with the cancellation of services and refunds pertaining to Aliste's smart home automation solutions. By availing of Aliste's services, Customers agree to adhere to this Policy.

1. Installation & Subscription Amount : Customers acknowledge and agree that the installation and subscription amount paid to Aliste during the initiation of the service is non-refundable. These funds are utilized for the setup and provisioning of the services.

2. Security Deposit : Aliste retains a security deposit from Customers as part of the subscription. The refund of this security deposit will be processed within 30 days of the return of the devices that were deployed during the subscription. Refunds are contingent upon the devices being returned in their original condition, free from any physical damage or tampering.

3. Subscription Dues Clearance : To be eligible for the full security deposit refund, Customers must clear any outstanding subscription dues on their account. Outstanding subscription payments will be deducted from the security deposit before the refund is processed.

Customers acknowledge and accept that Aliste is committed to maintaining the quality of its devices and services. Any damage to the devices or non-clearance of subscription dues will affect the refundable amount.

Aliste Technologies Pvt Ltd is dedicated to delivering high-quality solutions and services to its customers, and this Policy is established to maintain the integrity of our offerings.

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